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Protection through Understanding




This day was initiated by The World Ocean Network in order to increase awareness of the richness of the oceans   and the necessity for preserving the oceans.

On this day, various programs regarding the oceans and their preservation will be presented in aquariums, science centre’s, museums, companies and educational institutions on 5 continents.
In 2006, more than 20 countries participated in hte World day of the Ocean where about 40 activities were organized

World Ocean Network


This action is supported by UNESCO and the UN (United Nations Program for the Environment).

The oceans of the world are both a food and energy source.  They play an important part in maintaining the good quality of our weather, air and water.  They also care for our economy.  Although water is not transported from one continent to another, we regularly see fish and other riches from the sea on our plates.  Even our leisure me is often spent in or on the ocean: a relaxed seaside vacation, a day trip at sea by boat or even a diving holiday.

Even so, the sea suffers over-use by man too often: pollution, exhaustion of riches of the sea to the extinction of species, the loss of biodiversity unbalances the fragility of the marine ecosystem and therefore also the future for the next generations (therefore, for you and your children)


Help nature through small daily deeds.